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  • At the Crofter we serve wholesome, homemade soup all year round. Perfect for taking the chill out of a cold winter morning or for having a nutritious lunch or dinner. Just ask our friendly staff what flavour it is today or see the blackboard inside.

  • Here at The Crofter we try to keep our prices competitive, and we've come up with a great offer. You can get a delicious homemade curry and a refreshing pint of your favourite tipple, all for the low, low price of £6.95... Proving that it's not only the big boys that can deliver great value for money.

  • At The Crofter we only use local produce. Our meat is sourced from local butchers and farmers and all our foods are traceable. Ensuring that when you order your food, you can be confident that the meat you receive is only the freshest and best.

  • We stock a wide range of speciality coffees. So, whether you want a foamy latte or a potent espresso, we have the coffee available. All our coffees are fair-trade, so not only are you receiving a delicious coffee but you're also receiving piece-of-mind, too.

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